We are using this space to brainstorm. Feel Free to add info to this!
  1. We need to itemize the various pieces of communication that come into and go out of the office.
  2. We need to define a target audience for each piece of communication.
  3. We need to determine the most obvious and various means of communication venues that we have available to us for disseminating info.
  4. Once we have these 3 components we can begin to organize them. I'm sure that in some cases individual pieces of info will be suitable for multiple venues.
Campus outlook email
Student email -northseattle.edu
computer screen savers - student
computer screen savers- staff
sustainable NSCC
Seattle community College
Sustainbility Network

M: Webshares - names and number of webshares folders
Wiki Circles
Northseattle.edu Website

Info about Grant Projects -6,7

From office out to people
Promo about grant opportunities
Info about grant award
Info about Grant Projects
Monthly Meeting reminders
Monthly Meeting agenda

  1. E-Team
  2. Committee Members
  3. Circles
  4. Students
  5. Campus Community
  6. Admin
  7. Licton Springs Community and beyond