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02/15/12 Meeting
  • Welcome Kathy Soldat!
  • Caught kathy up on the goals of the circle
    • Marketing
    • Streamlining Communication
      • Making information available from anywhere
      • You can type notes on the fly.
      • Quick and dirty website- Not intracate, not detailed
  • We would like to move to using wikis as a functional website for the committee.
  • Creating a webpage to show off student work.
    • Webshare page
    • Student designed logo- Tammy?
  • Action Items
    • Amy- Hyperlink Food Circle wiki to Food Circle wiki page in the "Big Boy" committee wiki page
    • Carol and Amy- Will do live wiki demo at next Sustainability Committee Meeting
    • Christian- Take picture of STARS rating to be part of marketing campaign
    • Christian- Post picture of brainstorming map to circle page.
    • Amy- To show Christian how to post a picture to the wiki
    • Christian and Tammy- To do a tour of the wiki at the next Committee Meeting
    • Carol- Schedule meeting with Katherine Morse after recieveing brainstorming picture
    • Christian- Award letter with documentation stipulation and regular report outs
  • Next meeting:
    • Standing meeting, 12 to 1, the third thursday of the month

12/15 meeting
  • Creation of the parent wiki- the mother of all wikis.
  • Talked about having a basic first 4 pages being the same across all circles in the interest of providing continuity to visitors.
  • Pages are: Reports page that documents what was accomplished at this meeting and also captures what objective is planned for the next meeting.
  • Announcements page: to announce next meeting date and time, any features ie guests
  • A work or Project page
  • A Links page
  • Brainstorming the marketing/outreach plan. [Insert picture image from Christian's computer]
integrating technologies: videos, QRcodes