Lisa Madry - National Wildlife Federation

Online Community -
  • college partners
  • fellowships
  • alumni leaders
  • extensive resource databases
We need to be doing more...

Talked to our students, networks, online surveys, what do you want?
  • Help us with our projects
  • Students wanted help with ways to get their project work infused with their careers and emploment. So, NWF provided publicity and aknowledgement

Result: eco leaders community with a leadership development framework
  • peer to peer
  • develop a mission and post
  • faculty can use this technology to engage students, help them to become leaders and connect with others who share your interest
  • Students post projects, volunteer work
  • Students an take the next step to apply for recognition
  • .Formal recognition as a Recognized eco leader. (like badges)
  • if you're dating what's your bottom line? eg uses plastic water bottles
  • small world labs build online communities for non-profits
  • Contract with small world and they manage technical problems
  • NWF does the community management