Tim Nyerges at UW - permission to record, - "...Use GIS to Inventory the world by way of changing the world."

Intros -
Interactive maps.bicycles
High potential with GIS..., GIS is a skill set, a tool,


GIS&T Body of Knowledge
  1. Data management,
  2. geo-visual tech,
  3. spacial tech
Will the GIS data contribute to our goal of getting the land at NSC into the Master Plan, defined as a integral component to the value that is NSC?

GIS and North's interactive mapping with QRCodes?

By way of benefiting from our community of retired personnel can the Sustainability group benefit from Geography faculty, Harris Haertel contributing to meetings and specific geography projects such as helping the President and John Figge to get the land documented as part of the master plan?

Ezri version 1 of Body of Knowledge in a free pdf.

Character of Sustainability ven drawing: Sustainability Science, Sustainability Information Systems,

Knowledge Self Identity is essential for being able to determine what kind of GIS analyst is the right program for you.


Do-ers and Planners
Is there a social benefit of GIS? GIS is well-balanced with an overall focus on economic, social, environment...
GIS is a tool to help explore relationships. How can we use GIS to explore relationships and move into process softwares. Co-location.
Consider: Sustainability may be coming the lessor influence to Resilience.


How can I be better prepared to make a business case based on the sustainability process...?
ToolKit... open source

Use GIS as the trojan horse to get into the organization where you an then apply your knowledge of Sustainability Science.