Michigan State University, 15,000 students
Assign concrete things to be done.
Green Book- long project in the making
Graphic Arts Students
Paintings, multi-media
Art show
A community wine/cheese place. Couth Buzzard? Free to community
Weekly announcements on social media with a featured artist's work.
book was sold by donation

Community partners
Flowershop run by a previous student
Projector set up displaying a loop of the book artwork and poetry from the book
Thank you cards with a recipe on it.
Student comments

Results of this project
Track the movement of the people who were involved in this project to see what they're doing farther along in their careers.
Use this work with part of the student orientation.
The book stimulates interest in student volunteers.
Will be done again. sustainable farming, international travel and studying with sustainability.

Timeline: beginning to end. 4 years, 5500$