AASHE 2014 - Congratulations North!

Congratulations! We already have integrated these features into our Community!

Understand that we need to keep growing in order to remain resilient in this world of face-paced change.

Bike Repair Station!! Our bike repair station is located just outside of the Security office across from the new mural.

external image 20141028_102639.jpg

Congratulations, North!

We have Water bottle Refilling Stations located in the newly renovated Library and in the College Center building.

external image 20141028_101329.jpg

Congratulation, North! We have a sustainability curriculum in place!!

external image 20141028_110349.jpg

Solar Array (pending)

Congratulations, North!

We have a solar array planned for installation on the roof at the north end of the Instruction Building (IB)!!

Solar Charging Stations!!

Congratulations, North! We have solar charging stations installed in the Parking lot West of the Library building.

external image 20141028_105847.jpg

Congratulations, North! We are actively working to reduce our printing through systems put in place via IT, by using our online

Reduction in Printing!

external image 20141028_110740.jpg

Battery Collection!

Congratulations, North!

You can drop your batteries off at the Sustainability Office for responsible handling.

We've also eliminated individual personal printers on our campus and don't accumulate the ink toner cartridges.
external image 20141028_112022.jpg

Congratulations, North!

We have a Community Garden P-Patch on the North Seattle Campus!

This was achieved through sustained and concerted efforts made by students, faculty, staff, administration, community members and the P-Patch Association. Plots are available for us! Contact if you're interested!
The P-Patch serves as a teaching space for pre-schooler class and a living lab for raising bee pollinators.
You are invited to walk the P-Patch and enjoy the plants, bees, and peaceful environment.
external image 20141028_104351.jpg