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Connect with school Marketing/ PIO personnel/ Social media person.

Audience should control messaging.
Buzz Feed, Upworthy
Leave the laggards alone, don't waste energy. Get clear on your audience.
Be Clear and concise about your message: What do we mean by sustainability. Academically grounded/integrated sustainability.
How to coordinate with PR folks: bring them ideas. "Get the stadium in the picture", the major college audience, but do get your message in.
How to broaden reach: add sustainability tag to the story, include the story in the sustainability feeds, I want to find other peoples written content that works for me.

How to measure success: Google plus, facebook, twitter (follow lots of others and make your first connection to them being #your best story), instagram, pinterest, Meet the social media director, send them content. tag many people.

How to share best sustainability ideas
  • Specificity and clarity, real stories to help people relate to it.
  • Penn State: Close the loop on waste: office composting, get the admin building involved actively in the green office effort. How to bring the project up to the next level of visibility.
  • Words can overwhelm the audience. Use language that your audience will understand, recognize. Resource: Microsoft Words tools: check the readability level of the document. Shoot for 6-8th grade level.
  • Green washing: look at product packaging. Instead get specific and clear.

Reporting out:
  • Trustees potentially conservative: frame as a marketing imperative, show students value the idea and choose schools based on their actions and values, companies likewise concerned about these topics
  • Piggy-back one of the schools major projects integrate visual design - Dissolving the recycling in the HRS bldg. is what comes to mind. How to get the recycling back. Leed certified? Stars Silver certification? Are we meeting the standards for both of these certifications.
  • idea: Request colleges to send us a photo of their compost/trash/recycling with the intention of showing how peers do it, do it beautifully, how we can do it beautifully because we don't want to be outside the leaders.

Make sure sustainability is a tag in the content management system (news Feed) at North. This allows us to expand the conversation about sustainable. Email the writer, the department and others to educate them about sustainability department, our tag, and we can help get their message out. We need to be using the news feed more effectively.
Use Google Alerts and external stories. Mine" the sustainability content that others have posted, draw from their feeds.

Use instagram to post pictures of students in sustainability action, engineering, projects, etc. Get people smiling.
Use what is meaningful to our people. Tree frogs, prison, nature, ppatch, new building, artwork,

Get pics of students having fun.

Sneak in the sustainability message. Or attach the significance of sustainability to broad ideas that get lots of press.

Building our presence
Create google + to enhance our google analytics.

Focus on quality of followers, get people that will reshare

Focus on stories

Don't use vague terms like "natural"

Tag people in pictures